Combination Plates

Combination Plates are served with 2 sides or cup of tortilla soup
Add a pork tamale 2.49

#1 Rico Suave

Two enchiladas and a taco 15.99
Enchilada Choices: Cheese, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Brisket or Shrimp

#2 Ricardo Montalban

Two enchiladas and 1/2 quesadilla 15.99

#3 Velvet Jones

1/2 quesadilla and two tacos 17.99
Quesadilla Choices: Cheese, Molida Beef, Fajita Chicken, Pork, Steak, Smoked Brisket, Shrimp or Portabello Mushroom

#4 Happy Gilmore

One enchilada and two tacos 15.99

#5 Jessica Rabbit

Ceviche, half Caesar or Tampico salad and a grilled Diego’s fish taco 14.99
425 Calories – 14g Protein – 3-6g Fat, without salad dressing