Art at The Velvet Cactus

The art we display is typically from local artists and most is for sale. We do not take any commission for the art sold, and 100% of the sale goes to the artist. If a credit card is used to purchase artwork, a 3% fee will be deducted.

For Artists: Thank you for your interest in displaying your art at The Velvet Cactus! We respect the work of all artists, but not all art will be appropriate for the look and feel of The Velvet Cactus. We are primarily looking for non-traditional funky art/folk art. We will not accept any abstract art, photos, non-framed art, 3-dimensional art, watercolor or anything we think customers may think is inappropriate.  If you would like to display your art, please send pictures to We will respond within a few days.

All art that we accept must be ready to hang with the price tag visible and firmly attached.  We will not accept any art without proper hanging hardware installed that is appropriate for the weight of the art.  Please deliver art within one hour of the restaurant opening.  We will not accept art when we are packed with customers.  We will display each piece of art for a period of six months. If you do not receive a call from us that your art has sold within six months, we ask that you please come pick it up so that new artwork may be displayed.

After your art has been approved, please download this form and fill it out when you bring in your art.