2024/25 Seasonal will go on sale in September 2024.

Join us for a fun and unique dining experience in a private bubble tent amidst a forest of decorated trees under a snowy sky! With four bubble tents surrounded by an abundance of seasonal decor, this Velvet Cactus experience is sure to provide a magical day for all.   

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Bubble tents are seasonal and will be Christmas themed starting the Friday after Thanksgiving.

***Tents can seat 8 guests MAX (children of all ages are included in the final count due to limited space).

When booking, please let us know if your party requires handicap accessibility, high chairs, or booster seats.

Reservations only! $250 purchase plus 20% gratuity and tax. This includes a private bubble tent for 2 hours max and our prix fixe family feast. You will be charged $250 when making your reservation. Gratuity and tax will be applied to your total bill. An extra $25 will be added for a character dinner. No separate checks, but we can take multiple payments.

In the case of inclement weather, we may have to cancel. We will refund your money or do our best to book you for another day. For safety reasons, tents are rated at a maximum of 25 knots. If winds are higher than 25 knots, we will have to cancel or move your party inside. Light rain and scattered showers are not a problem.

***Weather may effect snow falling from the sky.

Maximum party seating time is 2 hours beginning promptly at your reservation time. To ensure all guests with reservations are able to fully experience the magic of this event, we must keep to a strict schedule. Please arrive early and check in at the host stand. Last-call and check presentation will be 15 minutes before scheduled end time.

***Please be mindful of any reservations following yours and leave at the end of your 2-hour scheduled time.

Family Feast Menu:

8 People Prix Fixe Menu

The Velvet Cactus bubble tents are unlike any restaurant experience you’ve ever had before. The family-style concept with freshly-made, seasoned dishes will blow your mind. The huge portions of delicious Mexican-inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts will not disappoint. Whether you have 2 people or 8, it’s likely you will leave with to-go boxes! Come pass a good time with family and friends in a setting that truly feels like a winter wonderland! (Drinks not included)

First Course

Guacamole, Queso, Bean Dip, Salsa and chips (no substitutions)

Second Course

Steak, Chicken and jumbo gulf Shrimp Fajitas, smoked jalapeno and Cheddar sausage, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and grilled pineapple served with Mexican yellow rice, refried beans, black beans and chipotle cheese grits (no substitutions)

Third Course

Tres Leches (three milk-soaked butter cake) and Cinnamon Churros

Full Bar Menu, Kids’ Menu,  Soft drinks and additional side items available for purchase. Due to the business of the holiday season, no menu items other than those listed above will be sold in the tents.

***Please let us know about any allergies or special accommodations. We will try our best to meet your needs, but this is not guaranteed.


  1. NO SMOKING anywhere in fenced bubble tent area.
  2. Do not let your kids run through the trees. This is dangerous and may disturb other bubble tent guests’ dining experience.
  3. Due to spacing, there is a maximum of 8 guests per tent. Regardless of age, children count as guests. No more seats can be added; no exceptions!
  4. Bubble tent dining is limited to 2 hours beginning promptly at your reserved time. Please arrive early and check in at the host stand.
  5. Arriving more than 30 minutes late is considered a no-show, and we will cancel your reservation without refund.
  6. Cancellations or date changes will result in a $25 booking fee. ***Due to credit card processing fees.
  7. Cancellations 8-14 days before reservation date will result in 50% of payment forfeited. ***Due to credit card processing fees and staff scheduling & compensation.
  8. Cancellations within 7 days of reservation date will result in 100% of payment forfeited. ***Due to credit card processing fees and staff scheduling & compensation.

For questions/cancellations, please message 



Times run from 4:30 -7:45pm Sun- Thu, 4:00- 9:15pm Friday and Saturday

When booking, you must select the date on the calendar in order for the available time slots to appear. Once a time slot is reserved, it will not appear on the screen.





Are the tents heated?

Yes, each tent has a small heater. Please ask your server if you would like the heat adjusted. Please do not do it yourself!

How does it snow in south Louisiana?

We use artificial snow machines that will randomly spray “snow” (Non-Toxic Foam) over the bubble tent area to create a magical experience. ***Weather may affect snow falling from the sky.***

Can we bring outside food or drinks?

We allow birthdays cakes, but no other outside food or drink will be permitted.

Why can’t we have more than 8 guests?

The tents physically cannot hold more people. For safety and accessibility, no guests will be allowed to block the entrance to each bubble tent. Your server must have space to move around in order to provide you exceptional service.

What if it rains?

Light rain and scattered showers are not a problem.  If there is a threat of thunderstorms in the area, we may move you inside until the threat has passed.

How much food do we get?

The entrée alone serves 8-12 people, and there are also appetizers and desserts! Nearly every tent leaves with a to-go box; it’s a lot of food!

Can we order extra items?

You may order from our full Bar Menu, Kids’ Menu, or additional side items. No other starters, entrées, or desserts will be available for purchase in the bubble tent area!

Will there be character visits?

Characters do visit during some reservation slots. These are clearly marked on the booking calendar and are an additional $25. If you wish to book a character-visit dining experience, please be sure to select those specific time slots as character visits may not be added after completing your reservation.

Is there a wait list for booking?

No, we do not have a wait list for character or non-character dining. In the event of a guest’s cancelation, the time slot will immediately reopen and will be available for rebooking. We ask that you continue to check the booking site for available time slots.


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