Michael W.

My new favorite restaurant!! I can’t believe I just recently stumbled upon this gem. The decor is eclectic and funky while still remaining somewhat classy. The patio area is landscaped nicely and great for milder weather. The salsa has a nice kick and a great flavor. The service was above average, even on a busier day like when I visited.

Ok– the food. I love bacon. I love fried chicken. I love tacos. I love avocado. MIX THEM!! The southern tacos are amazing!!!!!! Literally the 4 food groups that I love all wrapped in a flour tortilla. They are really that good.. and the different flavors harmonize together so well. My dining companion had the fajitas, which I tried. (I was a total fat a$$ and did not share my tacos) The fajitas were good, spiced well, and fresh tasting. But the tacos.. I can not give enough praise.

Prices reflect the quality and quantity of the food, and are on par with the Lakeview location and atmosphere.. fair. This is definitely a place to bring a few friends and have a delicious meal while sipping margaritas…

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